Matt Hardy Receives Con-Chair-To On Raw, Says Goodbye To WWE

He will seemingly become Exalted soon...

On last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton again tried to explain why he turned on his friend Edge and hit him with a Con-Chair-To. After failing to give the audience any answers, Orton was confronted by Matt Hardy.

The former Woken One said he and Edge were cool now and have been ever since The Rated-R Superstar was forced to retire in 2011. Hardy explained when they spoke, Edge would always ask him "what if?" What if he could return to the ring and wrestle again?

Hardy proceeded to lambast Orton for taking wrestling away from Edge after attacking him two weeks ago. The Viper then feigned giving Matt an explanation as he instead tried to strike with the RKO. Expecting nothing but deceit from the former WWE Champion, Hardy countered, but after a short back and forth, Orton delivered an RKO at the second time of asking.

With Matt lay prone in the centre of the ring, Randy once again gathered two chairs and delivered a hellacious Con-Chair-To to Hardy's skull.

Matt's WWE contract is set to expire on March 1 and Orton's attack was seemingly to write Hardy off TV, as shortly after Raw went off the air, he tweeted "GOODBYE."

Both parties are still locked in negotiations over a new deal but have been unable to come to terms. While the former IMPACT World Champion is happy with the money being offered, the main sticking point has been how he will be used by WWE. Hardy previously pitched the return of his Broken character to the company's creative team but they were uninterested in pursuing the idea.

This means that Hardy is set to exit the company in March, and he even teased he would be heading to All Elite Wrestling as Dark Order's Exalted One during the latest edition of FREE THE DELETE. At the beginning of the episode, Broken Matt is being guided to safety by Vanguard 1, but is suddenly overcome by a deeper inner voice which screams "I am Exal...I am Exalt," before Hardy regains control of himself and says "I am exhausted."

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