Shayna Baszler Returns To WWE Raw, Bites Becky Lynch

On the road to WrestleMania 36...

Last night's episode of Monday Night Raw opened with Becky Lynch vs. Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship in a rematch from Royal Rumble. After 19 minutes and two commercial breaks, Lynch delivered a Rock Bottom to The Empress Of Tomorrow for the 1-2-3.

As The Man celebrated her victory, she was suddenly attacked from behind by former NXT Champion Shayna Baszler. The Queen Of Spades proceeded to beat down the Champion with the Kirifuda Clutch and punches to the face.

As Becky lay prone on the mat, Baszler removed her signature gum guard. She then lifted Lynch and plunged her teeth deep into the back of Becky's neck, causing her to scream in shock and agony.

Shayna then pulled her teeth from The Irish Lass Kicker's neck, showing blood smeared across her face. Having made her point, the NXT Star retreated backstage as Lynch received assistance from WWE's medical team.

Baszler was scheduled to appear on this week's edition of Raw as WWE builds towards her confrontation with Lynch at WrestleMania 36. The pair have been intertwined ever since Survivor Series, and their rivalry was only briefly put on hold after The Man put Shayna through the announcers' table at the pay-per-view.

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