Aleksandar Jaksic Comments On His WWE Release, What He Plans To Do Next

He's out to prove people wrong...

Back on April 15, WWE released 35 Superstars including NXT wrestler Aleksander Jaksic. During his nine-month run with the company, Jaksic, now Zora Vesta, didn't get the chance to wrestle on NXT TV, but he did face off against the likes of Damian Priest, Dexter Lumis, and The Forgotten Sons at live events. 

Vesta recently sat down for an interview with Tom Campbell and discussed his WWE release. He described it as the worst day of his life but did say that being released has rekindled a fire inside of him and he is now determined to prove people wrong.

Zora said: "At first you're like, 'It can't be me.' That's what everybody thinks and then it was a stressful day because you just never know. You're just on edge the whole day. And around I think 3: 37 pm I get a call from Stamford, I didn't even pick up yet and I was like, 'That's it.' It's crazy. And I reflected, I was like man, this has been like seven or eight months. And I pick up the phone and it was short, a minute maybe, minute and a half because there's not much to say. 

"Since I'm Canadian I was working on a visa. I don't know what the situation was but a lot of the international talent had to go… For myself, the first day, that was the worst day of my life, it was, because you basically lose everything from your home to your job. Friends you lose because you figure out who's real to you. Who’s there for you in your hardest time. But then also you find people, you find friends because there's people who stepped up before and I barely talked to, now I talk to them a lot because these are the real times and the real ones prosper. And for me, when I lost everything I found myself. That's like the biggest thing about what happened. Because I said it before, it was probably the most defining moment in my life and yeah, it’s unfortunate for everybody, but like you said, I didn't have a chance really. I mean, every day is a chance, every day is a test. Like, I tried to give everything I could every day."

He later added: "The hunger for sure has reappeared and it kind of lit a new fire in me because now I have to prove myself. Because, you know, people got released and then I was reading some comments and they're like, 'God, this guy probably must suck because he got released.' And I’m like, wow, I guess I've got to prove you wrong now. Nothing new, but you'll see."

As part of his plan to prove people wrong, Vesta explained he has six months left on his US visa but then he plans to move to Europe and use it as a base to continue wrestling and even do some modelling. He doesn't just have his sights set on Europe, however, as he admitted he would love to compete in Japan once the world gets back to normal. 

You can find what Zora Vesta is up to at www.zoravesta.net.

Check out Zora Vesta's full interview with Tom Campbell here.

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