Alicia Atout Reveals Why She Asked For Her MLW Release

Alicia Atout on her MLW release

After four years with the promotion, Alicia Atout was granted her release from Major League Wrestling, she revealed on March 21. Atout worked in MLW as a backstage interviewer from 2019 before transitioning to being the manager of real-life boyfriend Richard Holliday in 2022. 

Shortly after Atout's heel turn, Holliday was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and he hasn't worked for MLW since June 2022. He has since finished his cancer treatment. 

Speaking with Fightful, Atout revealed why she asked for her MLW release. 

"The whole thing was a little bittersweet, to be fully forward with you. Back in August, I did my last appearance with MLW, but left that show not thinking it would be. Of course, we received the news that my partner, Richard Holliday, was very, very sick, and he had to step away for quite some time. So they were kind of jumbled in the back, trying to figure out the next steps for me. Do they put me back in the interviewer position? Do they just throw me with someone else, but maybe it doesn't make sense? So months went by, and then more months went by, and it kind of started to hit where I wasn't doing television appearances with them or anything like that," Atout began.

"So I think we both came to the decision where, rather than just make me wait, which I wasn't very comfortable with, because there's a lot more going on just outside of the wrestling world for me too right now, it was very amicable, and we decided, for now, let's part ways. They granted me my release, which was just lovely. There was no BS, nothing to kind of go back and forth with," she continued.

"Now I'm a free agent, which is awesome. It's very cool because for me, the whole reason that I wanted to sign with the company was to simply be at shows, do my work, and show people what I have to offer. Unfortunately, we're coming up on what would have been a couple months away from a full year of not being able to do that with the company I was signed with. Again, the circumstances and situation suck because Clout Couple was one of my favourite things I got to do in my career, but sometimes you have to make business decisions over personal ones, and so that's where this kind of came into play."

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