Apollo Crews: I Was Too Humble When I Joined WWE

Crews debuted a new persona last week on Smackdown

Apollo Crews believes he had too much humility in his early days as a WWE superstar, which counted against him as he tried to push up the card. 

Crews moved up to the WWE main roster from NXT in 2016 but did not really make a mark until last year, during which he enjoyed a noticeably long match with Aleister Black on Raw before winning the United States Championship. 

Since moving back to Smackdown, Crews has been involved in the Intercontinental Championship scene and debuted a new, heel persona last week, which leans into the 33-year-old's Nigerian heritage. 

Crews is arguably doing the best work of his WWE career so far and the superstar believes, in his first few years on the roster, he didn't have the belief in himself or the attitude required to become even better.

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, he said: "I got here and I think I was too humble. I think my humbleness worked against me at times. I was too happy. I think I didn’t have the attitude of, ‘I belong here, I deserve to be here.’ You know what I mean? I wasn’t relentless in my pursuit to be the best Superstar I can be. I just took things as they came.

I didn’t really challenge anything. I’m still kind of this way but I look at things with a different mindset. At the time, it was just like, ‘Whatever you guys need me to do, that’s what I’m gonna do.’ I think that kind of worked against me."

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