Arn Anderson Says WWE Management Aren't Big Fans Of Cesaro

Strong words from The Enforcer...

Many consider six-time tag team champion Cesaro to be one of the most under-utilised Superstars in WWE history as people believe he should be a legitimate main event star at this point in his career. Instead, The Swiss Cyborg has enjoyed enormous success in the tag team division but has been stuck in the mid-card as a singles wrestler throughout his run in the company. 

Arn Anderson revealed on the latest episode of The Arn Show that Cesaro is "not a favourite guy" of WWE management and the company told The Swiss Superman to cut out most of his move set when he worked as a heel, despite him being considered one of the best professional wrestlers in the world.

"The fact is Cesaro, had he been allowed to continue doing all those things only he can do, because as time wore on, he's not a favourite guy, as you know, of the front office for whatever reason that is," The Enforcer said. "They're the only ones that know because everybody else across the planet seems to think he's a superstar. But he continued to get leaned on to stop doing all that stuff as a heel. That it was just too flashy and all that stuff. 

"When you can do things that no one else on the planet can do, why wouldn't you bring him to our audience? Aren't you cheating our audience by not giving it to them? Isn't that more of that 'I don't give a s**t what the audience thinks, you're going to do what I want' mentality? It gets sickening when you've lived it for years and years and years and seen different characters just get pummelled and squashed 'because I said so.' It gets mighty damn disturbing and it's such a downer."


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