Arn Anderson Talks Clashing With Sami Zayn Backstage In WWE

They didn't get along...

In recent years, numerous ex-WWE Superstars have signed with the company as backstage producers. Many of them were furloughed back on April 15, but the likes of Finlay, MVP, Kurt Angle, Shane Helms, and Lance Storm have all worked backstage in the wrestling behemoth.

During a recent episode of the Arn Show, former WWE road agent Arn Anderson was asked which wrestlers he thinks would make good producers. After name dropping Edge and Robert Roode, The Enforcer said he doesn't think Sami Zayn would be a very good producer and revealed they often clashed during his time in the wrestling behemoth. 

Anderson said: "No. Sami's a little too headstrong and Sami, you know, he believes in himself but he also believes in his ideas. It may be just that I clashed with Sami. Sami and I clashed quite a few times over what he perceived to be small things, but I always believe that the small things are the big things. When you've got to help a kid that's fresh from NXT or from somewhere else that comes onto the roster and you're faced with X number of minutes in this position on Raw or SmackDown. As the agent, it's your responsibility to make sure that match is good and it reflects all the rules put in place by the boss, known or not known… 

"And you've got to be involved with every little aspect of things that in the storytelling process make sense. But in the course of that, you may get to gorilla and your six minutes just went to three. Now, are you qualified to tell that talent or those two talent or those four talents, 'You just lost three minutes,' Here’s what you’re going to take out… I just don't think Sami is going to be patient enough or creative enough to be able to come up with a story that is completely different from the one you've been talking about all day."

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