Arn Anderson: Why I Can't Write A Tell-All Book About WWE

"If I was going to do it, I’d want to tell the truth."

Arn Anderson has revealed he would not be able to write a 'tell-all' story about his time with WWE due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement he signed on the way out. 

Anderson joined WWE not long after the closure of WCW in 2001 and was with Vince McMahon's company until he was fired in 2019 for allegedly allowing Alicia Fox to wrestle while drunk at a live event. 

Having previously written an autobiography, which was released in 2000, there has been speculation that Anderson could do another book to encompass the last 20 years of his life, but the 62-year-old has said he doesn't think he can do it justice. 

Anderson revealed he signed an NDA when leaving WWE and he wouldn't be able to tell the full story of his time there without being in break of that contract. 

Speaking on the ARN Podcast, he said: "Believe it or not, if I was going to write it I would have to tell the truth and most of it would be about the 20 years of being a lead producer for WWE. I would have to tell the truth about a lot of stuff. 

"I signed a no-compete clause when I was there and one of the paragraphs in there was ‘You will not write a tell-all book or anything like that.’ That was part of the conditions where they pay you after a while. I don’t think I can and if I was going to do it, I’d want to tell the truth."

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