Austin Theory Revealed As Cleopatra Egg Thief On WWE Raw

The biggest mystery of the week...

The culprit has been caught! 

Austin Theory was revealed as the man behind Vince McMahon's Cleopatra Golden Egg going missing at Survivor Series on Sunday.

SmackDown superstar Sami Zayn and WWE officials  Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville revealed to the WWE Chairman on the November 22 show that Theory was the one who stole Cleopatra's Golden Egg from his office. Theory would admit to the offence, saying he was trying to take a selfie with it but got nervous because of the security, so ended up taking it back to his hotel room. 

Rather than being angry with Theory, McMahon told the young star it took a lot of guts to admit what he did and dropped the criminal charges before rewarding him with a WWE Championship match with Big E later in the evening.

McMahon had opened the show telling Pearce and Deville that whoever was able to find the culprit would receive a WWE title match. Sami Zayn, meanwhile, was told that noboby likes a snitch when he asked McMahon why Theory was being let go.

Big E would retain the Title against Theory in the Monday Night Raw main event. 

The Golden Egg had been introduced on WWE television at Survivor Series on Sunday as a tie-in to The Rock's new Netflix film, Red Notice.

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