Austin Theory Wants Long-Term WWE Rivalry With Carmelo Hayes

Theory wants a feud with Hayes

Austin Theory has named NXT's Carmelo Hayes as the superstar he would most like to have a long-term rivalry with in WWE.

Theory has recently made the move up to WWE Monday Night Raw and is already being placed as a leading figure on the red brand. Hayes, meanwhile, is the North American Champion on NXT.

Theory was recently asked which NXT star he could most see himself having a feud with, akin to the likes of Steve Austin vs. The Rock, and Hayes is at the top of Theory's list.

Speaking with Alternative Sport, Theory said: "Man that's a good one, because I think the first place, my mind goes to is the future. You've got a lot of guys, you know, like, you got Carmelo Hayes, somebody that just made a huge impact just coming in.

"I think that's definitely somebody that, I knew even on the independence scene. I don't even really see him anymore, but he's somebody that's just taken off, and kind of really put the stamp on NXT 2.0, So I definitely think, my top would probably be Carmelo Hayes.

"But of course, you got guys that follow and I'm very interested in Harland, He looks, he looks crazy man. That is a scary looking dude."

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