Backstage Reaction To Hiroshi Tanahashi Becoming NJPW President

Staff members have revealed their thoughts on Hiroshi Tanahashi as the new NJPW President

NJPW recently unveiled Hiroshi Tanahashi as the new president for the company in a move that has given the company a huge shake up. Former president Takami Ohbari was seemingly not the most popular individual amongst his colleagues, but according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reception for Tanahashi has been far more positive. 

Per Meltzer, a former staff member noted that it could be one of the best decisions made by Bushiroad, with them finally putting someone in charge who has experience in the professional wrestling industry and not just in “business”. The same person also stated that whilst Bushiroad will still have the overall power, the power balance will be more level with this new direction. 

Another staffer backstage has also glowed on Tanahashi as president, remarking how great he is going to be and will change how the company does business, even stating how he will get NJPW “out of the dark ages of how they do business” with his relative youth to previous figureheads. Things are looking good for Tanahashi in the early days of his leadership.

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Written by Andrew Kelly