Bianca Belair: There Would Be No 'Est' Without Triple H

Bianca Belair hails Triple H’s influence on her career

Bianca Belair has taken the ball and ran with it since her call-up to WWE’s main roster in 2020, but ‘The Est.’ has stated that without Triple H’s guidance, ‘there would be no Bianca Belair’.

Triple H oversaw a chunk of Belair’s development during his time as the head of NXT, and Belair credits Triple H with helping her transform into the performer she is today, telling Complex Unsanctioned:

“Oh definitely, there would be no Bianca Belair without Triple H,” Belair began. “I mean he was such a huge part of the development of who I am in the ring. You know, he was the first person that believed in me, first person that put me on that stage and introduced me to the WWE Universe. He was the first person who pulled me aside after the Mae Young Classic and let me know that this is what I was born to do and gave me that confirmation that you’re walking in your purpose.

“He is just - he’s special and he’s contributed to so many people’s careers inside the ring and outside the ring but I think what’s amazing about him is - I mean it’s amazing, the accomplishments that he’s done inside the ring and the amazing superstar he was as ‘Triple H’. But I say this and I mean this with every bone in my body, I think the most impactful things that he has done are the things he’s done outside the ring and what he did in NXT. It’s just so impactful and so inspiring; who he is as a person inside the ring, outside of the ring and he’s retired but, I’m just excited to see what he’s gonna do with his next steps in life because I know it’s gonna be something amazing.”

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