Bianca Belair Wins The WWE Women's Title, Immediately Loses The Belt Following An IYO SKY Cash-In At SummerSlam

IYO SKY is the new WWE Women's Champion!

Two new WWE Women's Champions were crowned at SummerSlam. 

Asuka began the pay-per-view with the WWE Women's Championship and she defended the gold belt against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair in a Triple Threat Match in the semi-main event. Belair looked to have been taken out of the match after she hit her knee on the steel steps but Bianca decided to fight on after shrugging off medical attention. 

Charlotte Flair later locked in the Figure Eight on Belair but Asuka sprayed green mist in Charlotte's face. Asuka then tried to take advantage but she was rolled up by Belair for the 1-2-3.

Before Belair could celebrate her title win, though, IYO SKY and Bayley charged to the ring and while Belair fought off Bayley, IYO SKY took out the new champion with a Money in the Bank briefcase shot to the knee before she cashed in. 

One Moonsault later and IYO SKY was the new WWE Women's Champion, with SKY celebrating with Bayley and Dakota Kai to leave Damage CTRL on top one year on from their formation. 

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