Big E: Bobby Lashley Had An Incredible Run As WWE Champion

Big E cashed in on Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw

Big E has offered praise to Bobby Lashley for his 'incredible' run as WWE Champion, revealing he used to study tapes of the All Mighty when he first got signed to WWE. 

Big E cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on Lashley on this past week's Raw, defeating him to lift his first WWE Title and ending the 45-year-old's first run with the Championship.

The new WWE Champion has a lot of respect for the former's abilities and talents, however, giving him credit for his time at the top.

Speaking with Khal of Complex, Big E said "I have to give hats off to Bobby. I think Bobby’s had an incredible run. He carries himself like a champion. 

"In many ways, he’s inspirational, because - and I’ve told him this before - when I got signed in 2009, I was studying some older film. I was looking at more contemporary guys that I wanted to be like. I was watching Bobby Lashley film. There was a lot of Bobby Lashley films.

"He was a guy that, ‘Okay, that’s a guy in a similar vein that, if I work hard enough, one day I want to wrestle like that guy. I want to be like that guy.’ So hats off to him for having this incredible run. This dude is in his mid-40s but looks like he’s in his mid-20s. All the credit in the world to him."

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