WWE's Drew McIntyre On If He Prefers Being A Babyface Or A Heel

Babyface Drew or heel Drew?

Drew McIntyre is currently an honourable good guy on WWE TV, having turned babyface in late 2019 ahead of his Royal Rumble win, but The Scottish Warrior has enjoyed stints as both a heel and a babyface during his time in WWE and on the independent wrestling scene. 

While speaking to Turnbuckle Talk, McIntyre revealed if he prefers being a heel or a babyface. 

"I like both to be honest, but bad guys do have more fun and you can get away with more. Inevitably, the crowd starts cheering the best bad guys. But as a good guy, it's been cool to get on this run because basically I've just been myself, obviously with the volume turned up. Prior to that when I was a bad guy, I didn't have the most depth. I was just angry and Scottish and hairy and beating people up all the time. It's not exactly the most relatable character in the world, and it's not the real me," McIntyre stated. 

"But I got to be the real person and tell my real story about all the ups and downs, which is obviously relatable to people about never giving up. And being on the microphone and no longer talking about eating carcasses - people don't talk like that. I maybe enunciate a little more when I'm on television and tell my silly dad jokes that aren't necessarily funny most of the time. I just get to be me and people can feel that when you're being real. That's been the biggest difference, and that's what I've enjoyed most about being a good guy the past year and a half or two years. I've just been myself and the crowd responded positively. Also, if I eventually turn bad again, I won't just be the big angry man. It'll be more interesting the next time around."

Currently a member of the Raw roster, McIntyre has continued his feud with Jinder Mahal following a decisive win over The Modern Day Maharaja at SummerSlam. 

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