Big E: Chad Gable Is WWE's Most Under-utilised Talent

Mr. MITB thinks WWE could be doing more with the former tag champion

For years now, many WWE fans have cried out at how under-utilised Chad Gable is, with the former Olympic wrestling prospect having to endure the ridiculous Shorty G gimmick and several uninspiring tag runs.

Now it seems the fans Arne’t the only ones who feel the former American Alpha star is under-utilised, with Big E echoing their sentiments. Speaking with Sportbible, Big E said the following on Gable:

“That’s a very good question [on who is WWE’s most under-utilised talent]. I’d probably go Chad Gable. Chad Gable’s incredible and even though we’ve seen him for several years in WWE and NXT, I think you’ve only really gotten glimpses of how good he can be. He’s a guy I think can be doing a lot more than he is now. I can watch him and go, ‘Oh man, he’s exceptional’ but when you’re in the ring with him you realise how strong he really is. I’m slimmer now but I remember being 300 pounds and and he gives me that rolling German [suplex] with ease. If he’s got his arms locked around you, you’re going for a ride no matter how big you are. Being an Olympian, that’s a different breed.”

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Written by Jack Atkins

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