Big E: I Will Never Refer To Myself As A WWE Locker Room Leader

Big E won the WWE Title last week

Big E is adamant that, despite winning the WWE Championship, he will not refer to himself as any sort of locker room leader.

Having won the WWE Title from Bobby Lashley on last week's Monday Night Raw, Big E is now looking to establish himself as one of the most reliable names for the promotion. 

While the New Day member is vehemently against any type of 'locker room leader' labels, Big E has taken note at how Kofi Kingston handled himself when he was WWE Champion, and wants to work in the same way. 

Speaking on The Ringer Wrestler Podcast, Big E said: "I will never refer to myself as a locker room leader of any sort. Kofi is not a vocal leader, he just leads by example. You look at him and see the way he carries himself. I remember when he won the title and how busy he was, but he never complained and was always professional. That's all I want to be and we should all do that, just lead by example.

"I don't want to have this public image that I have to worry about upholding because I'm a fraud and I have to make sure everyone has to stay quiet because they know how I really am. I want to be transparent about who I am and how I carry myself. As far as my personal life is concerned, I don't want beef or smoke with a single person on this planet.

"I hope everyone does well and is successful. I don't intend on changing how I carry myself. I also realize that winning the title isn't where it stops, it's where it start."

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