Big E Responds To Booker T's Suggestions For His Singles Run

The Hall of Famer feels Big E needs to shed some New Day elements...

With Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston both mending from injuries, Big E is embarking on a singles run for the foreseeable future. 

In light of Big E's solo act, Booker T commented one week ago about some changes he feels the longtime New Day member should consider implementing - chiefly, a bit of distancing from the fun-loving New Day motif.

Big E responded to Booker's suggestions in an interview with Bleacher Report, defending the idea that changes from the New Day iconography aren't exactly necessary for him to make it on his own.

"If I were to come out a week later and you see me for five years pouring cereal on people’s heads and log-rolling to the ring and suddenly I’m serious, to me there’s a vast disconnect. Like, what’s changed? Because you’re no longer doing tags, now you’re a different person?" Big E reasons. "That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. 

"I think also it’s about what makes me different, what makes me unique. We have guys that are taller than me and bigger than me. We have Bobby Lashley, you have your Brock Lesnar. We have these guys that can be serious and play that role well, and I don’t want to ever be a lite version of anyone else.”

Big E added that there are no hard feelings toward the six-time World champion, saying, “This is not a shot at Booker at all. I am so thoroughly entertained by his career, but this man had a world title around his waist as King Booker doing a faux English accent. You know I mean? Let’s put things in perspective here. And it was entertaining and it was great and it worked!

"For me, I hear some of it because people bring it to my attention and I know Booker is a supporter, so this is not supposed to be a shot at him. We’ve had conversations too where he’s said some really nice things to me to my face, so I’m not here to take shots at him. I learned a lot from watching him, he’s a guy I loved watching as a kid. He meant so much to so many of us as someone who was a great talent and a great entertainer, but for me, it’s going to be about telling a story that makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to me to suddenly be serious.”

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