Drew McIntyre Believes WWE Audience Will Grow When They Return To Arenas

He believes this crowdless era will actually aid in the growth...

A WWE title victory over Brock Lesnar at a WrestleMania is hardly anything to sneeze at, but it had to be somewhat bittersweet for Drew McIntyre. No fans, no stadium setting - his big moment at WrestleMania 36 came inside a rather sterile environment, albeit for understandable reasons.

While McIntyre has performed admirably as champion over the past four-plus months, the circumstances haven't been ideal, and fans have tuned out of WWE's primary shows, resulting in new viewership lows.

Speaking with TV Insider, McIntyre believes there'll be a turnaround once WWE is able to run normal arenas once more, and that this compromised period will actually feed into the growth.

"The audience that has stuck around are getting to learn about the characters on a deeper level," McIntyre believes. "I think that because of this, when we get back into the arenas, the viewership will grow. I think we will reach new heights to be honest because we're going to have so many compelling characters."

As far as his title reign goes, McIntyre claims he hasn't felt the brunt of any criticisms levied toward him, saying, "I don't let [criticisms] get to me or distract me from the goal at home. I know a lot of previous champions have let it get to them. They've suffered in their personal life as a result and lashed out on social media. 

"I don't allow it to get to me from that standpoint."

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