Bobby Fish: CM Punk Was A C*** After Our AEW Dynamite Match

Bobby Fish isn't happy with CM Punk

After challenging CM Punk to an MMA fight earlier this week, Bobby Fish has taken aim at the two-time AEW World Champion again, saying have to sell for Punk was insulting to him.

"CM Punk is not a martial artist. He went on pay-per-view and showed the world that he's not a martial artist. He is a pro wrestler. Go out, tackle, drop down, leapfrog, give it again. All good. In that lane, he has talent. When it comes to martial arts, you're insulting the audience's intelligence because we're supposed to be creating an atmosphere where you suspend your disbelief. It's insulting for you, as one of my co-workers or peers, as a martial artist, you're asking me to go out and sell and put over your bunk-a*s martial arts. It's insulting to the audience, it's an insult to me," Fish told Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston.

Fish and Punk went one-on-one in All Elite Wrestling on an October 2021 episode of Dynamite. The match had a somewhat odd finish, though, as Punk picked up the win but Fish kicked out at 3.1, a spot that is usually reserved for major matches to protect the losing star. Punk also looked annoyed after the contest and Fish claimed that his opponent was "a c*nt" following their match. 

"I'm working for AEW, they're paying my cheque, you ask me to put my shoulders down for Phil Brooks, I go out and do it. Interestingly enough, there was a little whatever in the match we had, and Phil was...after the match, Phil was a c*nt. Frankly, as a martial artist, I went out and laid my shoulders down for you, you should be grateful that I did because on national TV, if I decided that I wanted to f*cking Haku your ass, I could have because you're that little of a threat in my world," Fish continued.

"I'm not Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, but I've been doing martial arts long enough to where I can hold you like a wet nap Phil Brooks. For you to be c*nty after, for a mistake you made, it doesn't wear well. Not to mention, the move he finished me with, it's not his, it's KENTA's. Phil, you took a man's finishing move. Anyone who knows pro wrestling knows that's f*cked up. You weren't even decent enough to change the name."

Bobby Fish was under contract with AEW but he departed the promotion on August 31 after they failed to come to terms on a new deal. 

CM Punk is currently suspended from AEW after he had a backstage fight alongside Ace Steel with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. He is also out of action for up to eight months after suffering a torn triceps in the main event of All Out.

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