Bobby Lashley Enjoying Omos Feud In WWE

Bobby Lashley is a fan of his feud with Omos

While Bobby Lashley and Omos' current WWE feud hasn't been the most popular programme on WWE TV, the two-time WWE Champion admitted in a recent interview with So Catch by Hal that he has enjoyed taking on The Nigerian Giant. 

"One thing about me is when I first came into the wrestling business, when I first started, I was fortunate enough to go against like, Booker (T), (Big) Show, (William) Regal, (Fit) Finlay all these different guys. So they just kind of took me under their wing, and they kind of walked me through matches. And coming back now, you know, that was the first thing that I started with the Hurt Business. Hurt Business was kind of like art, that old style that I first came in with," Lashley began.

"So we were trying to show like a different style of wrestling, we just kind of like to be mean to people and beat people up. And that's what we were doing. So now I've kind of found myself in the same role some of those guys did, back in the days with some of these newer guys coming up, and have an opportunity to get in and bring with them somebody like Omos," he continued.

"I mean, the guy is a freak of nature. I mean, when you see him, he's the only person that I've ever been in the ring with that actually made me feel tiny. So I enjoyed it. I love fighting, I love all of that, combat sports is just my life. So being in a challenge like him, it was great, man, I find a way to pick them apart, break them down and take them out. But now the fuse is a little bit mushy right now because MVP is in there. So we're gonna see there's a lot of good things to come with that feud."

Lashley and Omos started their rivalry when The All Mighty returned ahead of WrestleMania 38, with Lashley defeating his opponent at The Showcase Of The Immortals. Omos then won their second encounter at WrestleMania Backlash with the help of Lashley's former manager MVP before the former WWE Champion won their third match inside a Steel Cage on this week's Raw, albeit after Omos slammed him through the side of the structure.

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