Sasha Banks Recalls Being Told She Was Just A 'Good Hand' By A WWE NXT Writer

Banks calls the exchange her 'defining' WWE moment

Sasha Banks recently appeared on Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart for an interview with the actor and comedian. 

During it, The Boss recalled her defining WWE moment taking place during her early days in NXT. 

"It was probably down at NXT. I wasn't really getting used. A writer came up to me and told me that I was just a good hand. 'A good hand'". 

The term 'good hand' in wrestling is typically used for someone who is entrusted to do a job (usually making others look good), but is not destined for superstardom themselves. 

Banks would not name the writer who made the comment, but said that she used it as fuel to take her game to another level. 

"I'm not telling. I don't need to. That was my defining moment. I was like, 'Alright, I'm going to show you'. The next month, I just turned it up and the next thing you know, I'm the NXT Women's Champion. My accolades are so much, it's hard for me to even remember. I do know that I am a five-time Raw Women's Champion, a two-time Tag Team Women's Champion, a SmackDown Women's Champion, the first-ever woman to main event a WWE pay-per-view, the first-ever African American to main event a WrestleMania. It's kind of hard to count". 

Hart then asked her if she felt as though she gets recognised for her accomplishments, to which Sasha replied: 

"I feel like I definitely get the respect I deserve in WWE. To be a woman and to main event, wake up, that wouldn't be possible. Now, we are here doing it and to be a part of that is so incredible". 

The interview was recorded before the events of this past Monday, when Banks and her Raw Tag Team Championship partner Naomi walked out of a WWE Raw taping following reports of creative dissatisfaction. 

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