Cody Rhodes Reveals If He's Open To Another WWE Intercontinental Title Reign

Another WWE Intercontinental Title for Cody Rhodes?

While the WWE Championship may be his ultimate goal, Cody Rhodes is open to having a third reign with the Intercontinental Title.

"That's a great question. The Intercontinental run was a massive, massive deal for me because I felt like it put me in the position to continue up the card," Cody said ahead of WWE Clash At The Castle tickets going on sale. "I think if I was to have the IC Title now, I would be less interested in my own selfish climbing up of the card and more putting the Intercontinental Title on a pedestal. That's a bit of a calling card of mine. 

"There's a saying in the industry 'the belt can make the man, or the man can make the belt'. I know that's not the popular nomenclature that WWE uses, title, championship, it's all the same in terms of what you can do for it. I think I could do wonders for it. My goal is the WWE Championship but there's a lot of roads to get there. No pun intended. If it runs through the Intercontinental Title I would be more than proud to carry one of the industry's most prestigious championships."

Cody held the Intercontinental Championship for 257 days over two reigns in his first run with WWE, during which he revived the belt's old design. 

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