Bobby Lashley: WWE Will Always Be Pro Wrestling's Flagship Despite Changes

The All Mighty thinks WWE can weather any storm

With several mass releases of talent, a seeming shifting of mentality for NXT, rumoured power struggles between rival camps, and Nick Khan’s deals leading to rumours that WWE could soon be ‘up for sale’, from the outside looking in, things could seem a little rocky for the WWE.

However, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley isn’t concerned, telling TV Insider:

“I think the feeling is good. We get tested with so many things. Everyone will say, ‘This is it. This is the downfall of WWE.’ It’s never going to be. We have so much talent in WWE. WWE is never going to be beaten or contested. It’s always going to be the flagship of professional wrestling. That’s never going to change.”

Indeed, even with the COVID-19 Pandemic radically altering WWE’s touring schedule and means of creating content for much of the past year, WWE is still a very profitable company, with huge television deals in place, and worldwide brand recognition as the pro wrestling market leader. It’d take something truly monumental to change that.

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Written by Jack Atkins

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