Booker T: AEW Is The Last Place Jeff Hardy Needs To Be Right Now

Hardy was released by WWE last week

Booker T believes All Elite Wrestling is the 'last place' Jeff Hardy needs to be at the moment and should focus on his own wellbeing. 

As previously noted, Hardy was released by WWE last week amid reports that the Charismatic Enigma turned down the promotion's offer of attending rehab after a concerning incident at a live event last weekend. 

Hardy has already been linked with joining his brother Matt in AEW but Booker T believes Hardy does not need to make such a move right now.

Speaking on The Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T said: "I wish Jeff the best. Just like I said on Tuesday right? I said the situation, he’s been on the road a long time, he’s going through a lot, put his body through a lot. This situation right here is going to take the company to make a decision, to slow him down, to say, ‘Hey, let’s do this so we can get back to that,’ or ‘Hey, if you want to do that, we’re going to let you go over there and do that.’ I said exactly that and what that means is, ‘Let’s get you some help.’

"I know the company wouldn’t just get rid of Jeff, throw him out to pasture, things like that, whatever. Sometimes guys want to go out their own way and there again, we’ve heard, I was just talking on Tuesday as well as far as how many stories we’ve heard from the fans and they’re all great stories and I say, from every great story, this guy like Jeff Hardy who’s going through so much on the other side where it wasn’t so great. Hopefully he’ll find a soft landing more than anything and that may not be in the ring.

“I know people gonna be calling for him to be going to AEW and whatnot. I’m sure that’s already the talk out there, but I think that’s the last place he needs to be right now. From a monetary perspective, you’ll always be ‘checking,’ okay? So that right there can motivate you to go do work when you really don’t need to. My thing is, hopefully he gets the help he needs."

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