Booker T 'Almost Got Into It' With CM Punk At WWE NXT

Booker T claims he had a run-in with CM Punk

Booker T has claimed that he 'almost got into it' with CM Punk at the March 12 taping of WWE NXT.

"I did. I saw Punk. We'll talk about that off the air [laughs]. I almost had a little run-in with CM Punk. The internet might want to pick that up. Me and CM Punk almost got into it at NXT. We'll talk about it later. I don't want to put it out there because they're going to pick it up and run with it. I'll talk to you off the air," Booker T said on his Hall of Fame podcast.

If Booker T is actually telling the truth about his alleged run-in with Punk is unknown. A WWE source told Fightful it was "Booker being Booker" and he was probably just trying to create a headline. 

Booker T was critical of CM Punk during his time in AEW and after the former AEW World Champion was fired by All Elite Wrestling. The two had a friendly interaction after bumping into each other at NXT in late 2023, though. 

CM Punk was backstage at WWE NXT this week. The 45-year-old was said to have kept a low profile to the point that many didn't even know he was there, according to Fightful Select. Punk reportedly has long-term ambitions to one day take over NXT

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