Booker T Reveals CM Punk Called Him A 'Flip-Flopper' At WWE NXT Deadline

CM Punk called Booker T a ‘flip-flopper’ at WWE NXT Deadline

As part of his WWE homecoming tour, CM Punk made his way to NXT for Deadline on December 9, with the ‘Second City Saint’ sharing a ring and a microphone with Shawn Michaels.

Michaels wasn’t the only one who spoke with Punk, as Booker T revealed on the Hall of Fame podcast:

“CM Punk wasn’t hiding,” Booker T said. “He wasn’t hidden away in some room making a surprise appearance. He was running around and mingling. I ran into CM Punk in catering. Was sitting there talking to Jeremy Borash. I walked up to CM Punk and said, ‘CM Punk! What up man?!?’ He stands up and he goes, ‘What’s up, man? You flip flopper’ [laughs].

“I go, ‘You know how the business is, sometimes you’re a heel, sometimes you’re a babyface.’ [laughs]. It was very cool. We talked, small talk, he seemed to be at peace and ready to re-write the legacy of CM Punk and finish it off properly,” said Booker on his Hall of Fame podcast. “I can’t say anything bad about him. I know people wish I would say something bad about CM Punk, [and] I ain’t kissing ass or anything, either. It just seemed like he was in a calm space.”

Booker has gained a measure of infamy in his post-in-ring career, giving biased takes on WWE and its stars, whilst being less complimentary of those outside the WWE bubble. Punk was one of the top stars of All Elite Wrestling before his firing in August, and subsequent return to WWE.

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