Booker T: I Have A Phobia Of Getting Back Into The Ring

Booker has only wrestled a handful of matches since 2012

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had a long storied career, that saw him win championships across WWE and WCW. But since ending his full-time run in 2012, Booker has barely stepped in a wrestling ring.

According to ‘GI Bro’ himself, he has developed ‘a phobia’ of getting back inside the ring, telling D’Von Dudley on the Table Talk podcast:

“Yeah, forget about it. I stay in this kind of shape because I stay away from the wrestling ring. Even when I do the [WWE] Kickoff show, right? You will not find me within 50 yards of the wrestling ring. I haven’t been in a WWE wrestling ring since 2014 and I got a phobia about getting back in the ring. That was a great life for me, but I don’t have any itch to scratch anymore man. Life was good then but I’m embracing where I’m at right now in life, being a boss, you know what I mean? And taking charge and trying to create, you know, memories and moments for the next generation but you know man, we had our time in the sun man. We had our time. It’s no reason to try to go back and rehash greatness and touch that. No reason.”

Since 2012 Booker T has wrestled four times, three matches occurring in his own ROW promotion, with his last match coming in February 2020.

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