Booker T Recalls Trying To Get The Undertaker To Do A Spinaroonie

Dead man spinnin’

During his storied WWE run, The Undertaker was known for keeping in character at all times, rarely ever breaking kayfabe. However, according to Booker T, ‘The Deadman’ almost cracked once at a live event.

Talking to The Metro, Booker T was talking about the best and worst guest spinaroonies, revealing that he tried to convince Taker to have a go after a show:

“Trying to get The Undertaker to do the spinaroonie an hour after we’d gone off the air was a moment that’s gonna be stuck in my mind forever because we had so much fun. I think I was crying the whole time we were trying to get it done. And the fans, man – more importantly, the fans they stayed there all the way to the end. They could’ve got in their cars and got up out of there. The show was over, and all of those fans stayed there just to be a part of that party. And that party still today is so memorable to so many people – especially the ones that were there.”

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