Booker T Reveals He Would Scrap ROH

Booker T doesn't see a long-term future for ROH

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T has admitted he would close Ring Of Honor due to the pressures it would place on Tony Khan's workload should the promotion secure a TV deal.

"I think it would really be hard for Tony Khan to run AEW Dynamite, Rampage, and a totally different organisation in ROH, house shows, as well as TV, as well as having a strong enough roster to be able to create different storylines, as opposed to the storyline that you're creating on AEW Rampage and Dynamite. It would just blow his freaking mind. His stack would just blow off trying to think about 52 weeks out of the year for three different shows and I don't know how many guys are under contract. Can you imagine that?" Booker T said.

"For me personally, the brand would be scrapped and the archive would be used for AEW promo packages and whatnot. But as far as trying to create an ROH brand to where you're competing against Dynamite as well as Rampage, I just think you're putting a whole lot on your plate there. I don't think it's possible to be honest."

Tony Khan announced he had purchased Ring Of Honor from Sinclair Broadcast Group in March of 2022. The promotion has run two pay-per-views since then and ROH titles have had a presence on AEW programming. ROH have yet to secure a TV deal, however. 

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