Bray Wyatt Reportedly Wanted To Play The Live Versions Of Firefly Fun House Characters

WWE wanted the show to feature live characters

Bray Wyatt reportedly insisted on playing the characters in the Firefly Fun House himself when WWE pitched the idea of making the segments completely live-action.

Wyatt introduced the Firefly Fun House in early 2019 amid a reimagination of his character in WWE. Windham Rotunda - who was released by the promotion earlier this year - would introduce the WWE Universe to 'The Fiend' within the Fun House segments.

The other characters in the Fun House, such as Mercy the Buzzard and Huskus the Pig, were portrayed by puppets, but the man behind the artwork for the 'Fiend' mask has now revealed that WWE considered making the Fun House completely live-action.

Kyle Scarborough, who has worked closely with Wyatt in the past on his WWE characters, noted that Wyatt himself would only agree to such a request if he himself was playing each respective character. Scarborough noted that the only concept art he was asked to put together was for Huskus, which is shared below.

Scarborough has previously shared artwork behind a planned mask for Alexa Bliss during her unholy alliance with The Fiend in WWE, which can be viewed here.

Scarborough tweet huskus character

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