Bret Hart Clears The Air With Ric Flair Following Recent Comments

"I consider Ric a friend of mine and, considering I have very few friends left in the business, I want to keep it that way"

Bret Hart has been critical of others in the wrestling business over the years and derogatory comments The Excellence Of Execution made about Triple H recently emerged on the 81 Podcast

Ric Flair ultimately took exception to Bret's comments and he blasted him during a chat with Conrad Thompson.

"You think you earn a level of respect that never will go away in this business and then you make friends. And then social media comes along and I see a guy like me, Bret Hart, he's cracking on me again and he's cracking on Triple H again... Said he went to Vince because I wasn't giving my all in a match. Was that one of them? That I was repetitive in the ring. And you think why would a guy that you've made peace with, why are they always, you know," Flair said.

"What I do wanna do is walk into the building and not have people say, 'God, he's bitter, he's old. He's gonna continue to knock people.' I couldn't live like that. And calling Roman Reigns the next Triple H, how uncomfortable is it for people in the family to walk around in front of Hunter and Shawn, who's an intricate part of the company? It's NXT but that's part of the company. And what else? Jerry Lawler. 'Jerry Lawler hit me with a chair too hard.' Wow, okay. I don't understand it. I don't ever want to be that lonely," he later added.

"Now he blames Eric [Bischoff] for everything. Eric made him rich so I don't know how you blame Eric. I was talking to Eric earlier today. I said, 'You know, it's the flavour of the week.' He's mad at Goldberg one week, mad at me the next, something I didn't do. 'I was repetitive.' Well you wrestle an hour every night 280 times which he would know nothing about and you've got to get slammed off the top, that's called a bump. How many press slams did you take Bret? None."

Hart revealed today that he reached out to Flair following The Nature Boy's comments and the two WWE Hall Of Famers have cleared the air.

"I know my comments at times can be unpopular or, at the very least, spark debate in the wrestling world, but it's become apparent to me that someone is saying I did an interview with them recently but using old quotes of mine from way back. I very, very rarely do wrestling podcasts, and I'm aware of what interviews I have done since the pandemic started. Anyone that is advertising that I did their podcast recently is flat out lying. For the record, I reached out to Ric and we've cleared the air with each other. I consider Ric a friend of mine and, considering I have very few friends left in the business, I want to keep it that way," Hart tweeted.

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