Brian Kendrick Wants Another In-Ring Run In A Major Company

Brian Kendrick wants another major run

After a recent one-night return to WWE in a producer role, it seems the bright lights have enraptured Brian Kendrick once again, as ‘Spanky’ revealed he wants another in-ring run in a major company.

Kendrick made the revelation during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, saying the following:

“It’s something I strive for [to have another in-ring run with a major company]. Yeah, it’s something I strive for. Whatever happens, happens but it’s something I strive for, yeah,” said Kendrick.

Kendrick was set for a potential run in AEW in early 2022 but it was cancelled after past controversial comments from Kendrick came to light. Kendrick’s last full-time run was on WWE’s 205 Live, and he noted it was the best roster he’s ever been a part of: 

“It was a few years of my life [WWE 205 Live]. That whole period in general. I would say top to bottom, it’s the best roster I’ve been on,” continued Kendrick. “They [Ring of Honor roster he was on for example] gotta put on a much longer show, Ring of Honor did. We didn’t have to put on that long of a show but, the third worst guy on 205 Live was really good. Yeah [I mean comparing man-to-man on the rosters], as far as that goes. The star power or anything like that but just being able to go out and you’re wrestling Noam [Dar] tonight. I’d be really excited to work Noam or Jack [Gallagher] or Tony [Nese] or Drew [Gulak] or [Akira] Tozawa or [Ari] Daivari or anybody and get — you wouldn’t be upset.”

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