Britt Baker Reveals Part Of Her AEW Gimmick Is Inspired By Captain Jack Sparrow

"It's Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Speaking with Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement, All Elite Wrestling's Britt Baker revealed part of her current gimmick is inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 

Within the films, the character portrayed by Johnny Depp has a habit of correcting people when they just call him Jack Sparrow,  usually offering a swift retort of "It's Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Baker revealed this is something she has used herself on AEW TV, saying: 

"Fun fact - I love Johnny Depp, and I think he's absolutely fantastic as Captain Jack Sparrow. But I've always loved when he... like, when anybody on the show would call him Jack Sparrow, and he would correct them, and go, 'Captain Jack Sparrow!' 

"And I do that in my promos. If anyone calls me Britt, I'll be like, 'It's Dr. Britt Baker!' I stole it from Jack Sparrow."

Baker remains the AEW Women's World Champion, with her reign currently sitting at 235 days. She recently successfully defended the gold against Riho at Battle Of The Belts on January 8. 

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