Britt Baker Still Looking For Answers From Thunder Rosa Over Injury

Britt Baker remains unhappy with Thunder Rosa

All Elite Wrestling's new All Access series premiered following the March 29 edition of Dynamite on Wednesday night and Britt Baker was a major focus of the first episode, particularly her issues with Thunder Rosa.

Baker speaking backstage with Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm about Storm being the Interim AEW Women's World Champion was shown on All Access and Baker expressed her unhappiness about Thunder Rosa not dropping the AEW Women's World Championship before she took time off for a back injury, especially after La Mera Mera continued to make personal appearances.

Speaking with Slam Wrestling ahead of the All Access premiere, Baker was asked if her opinion had changed and she admitted it had not. 

"I stand by everything I said because I still have the same questions...You are travelling all over the place for other projects but you're not coming to work where you are the champion? I have that question. I want to know why. I am just asking that question because I'm very passionate and protective of AEW. Anyone can call me a bully but I stand by that and that question still hasn't been answered to this day. People like Adam Cole would have killed to be able to come to work but he cannot travel. It is not like he was going in and doing a signing or convention or a seminar. They're not coming to work but he wasn't able to even leave the house," Baker said.

Rosa announced in August 2022 that she would be unable to defend the AEW Women's World Championship against Toni Storm at All Out because of a legitimate back injury. Storm went on to win the Interim AEW Women's World Title at the September 2022 pay-per-view and the 'interim' tag was later removed from her reign after Rosa was stripped of the AEW Women's World Championship at November's Full Gear show. 

It emerged following All Out that Thunder Rosa's decision to take time off for her injury had garnered her more heat with the women's division as many would have worked through that particular injury to drop the championship.

Rosa has yet to return to the ring but she is a part of AEW once again on the Spanish-language commentary team. 

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