Bruce Prichard Details Recent WWE Absence

He missed multiple episodes of WWE TV

After not being backstage at multiple episodes of WWE TV in December, reportedly due to health issues, Executive Director of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown Bruce Prichard revealed on Something To Wrestle why he had been absent in recent weeks. 

"I'm f*cking great. Here's the funny thing, I had a great vacation in Cabo. I got a little bit of Montezuma's revenge. To address some of the rumour and innuendo, which is complete horsesh*t, out there in the wrestling media. For years, and I will go back to the 90s or the 80s, I would always save my vacation until the end of the year so that I could take vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It steals a couple of extra days," Prichard said.

"This year, I took at it at a time where we didn't have two SmackDowns, we pre-recorded and we had a comp show. There was no TV to go to. I had my vacation tied during that time to where it looked like 'Bruce hasn't been here for three TVs in a row.' Then, I got the flu. I was running a fever and not feeling well. We have a great team and an incredible support system that was there. I missed three TVs."

Prichard has since returned to WWE and was present backstage at the Day 1 pay-per-view and Monday's episode of Raw. 

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