Bruce Prichard Reveals Plans To Shave Vince McMahon's Head During Hulk Hogan WWE Feud In 2003

McMahon feuded with Mr America in 2003

Bruce Prichard has revealed that the planned culmination of the Vince McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan feud in 2003 would have seen McMahon have his head shaved.

McMahon and Hogan were embroiled in a bitter rivalry on SmackDown in 2003, with the duo wrestling a bloody Street Fight at WWE WrestleMania 19, leading to Hogan being kayfabe fired from the promotion

A new character that looked suspiciously liked the Hulkster, named Mr America, would subsequently debut, although the planned feud between the duo would ultimately be cut short after Hogan legitimate left WWE following a dispute over his pay.

Prichard has now revealed that the planned end for the rivalry between McMahon and Mr America would have been a Hair Vs. Mask Match, that the WWE Chairman would have been booked to lose, resulting in Vince getting his head shaved bald.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Something To Wrestle Podcast, Prichard revealed: "There was [a plan for the end of the Mr. America angle] and it was pretty much the idea was to shave Vince [McMahon’s] head and have a hair versus mask match and shave Vince’s head. 

"But, look, it was all based on the Midnight Rider angle that Dusty [Rhodes] had done in Florida and [Bill] Watts and everybody under the sun had done some version of it and this was our version of it with [Hulk] Hogan and it eventually would bring Hogan back."

While the match didn't happen due to Hogan's issues with the company, McMahon would still get his head shaved on WWE television, losing a Hair Vs. Hair Match to Donald Trump at WrestleMania 23 in 2007.

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