Bruce Prichard Thinks Shane & Vince McMahon As WWE Tag Team Champions Would Have Been Well Received

Bruce Prichard says the McMahons as Tag Champions was discussed during the Attitude Era

Long-time WWE executive Bruce Prichard recently revealed that there were discussions about making the father-son combination of Vince and Shane McMahon the WWE Tag Team Champions at one point in time. 

Speaking about the hypothetical scenario during an 'Ask Bruce Anything' episode of his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard said: 

"I'm sure there was discussion about it at some point one way or the other. There were probably a lot of what-ifs and would have been a lot of heat, but for whatever reason just never really happened. I thought that they were a great duo during the time of just immense heat for Vince and The Corporation. Shane was a big part of that. So I think that without a doubt it was discussed, but nothing really ever came to fruition, obviously. I do think that it would have been solid, man. People would talk about that. They would have liked that." 

While Shane and Vince didn't bag WWE doubles gold together, they did win other titles separately. 

Shane held the European Championship in 1999 and the Hardcore Championship in 2000. He also had a short run as SmackDown Tag Team Champion (alongside The Miz) in 2019.

Vince, meanwhile, captured the WWE Title in 1999, though he quickly vacated it. The Genetic Jackhammer also won the ECW World Heavyweight Title in 2007. 

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