Bryan Danielson On Ants Beating Us To The Moon: It's A Possibility We Haven't Looked Into

Bryan Danielson ponders about ants on the moon

AEW's Bryan Danielson filled in for the sick Nikki Garcia (Bella) on the Nikki & Brie Show podcast this past week, and he had some very intriguing things to say and discuss during his appearance on the show alongside his wife, Brie. 

The conversation quickly turned to gravity, with Danielson revealing that he went into a deep dive on physics last year. Brie stated that if Danielson came in from outside and started asking questions such as “why does the apple fall down and not go up”, she’d tell him to go back outside because otherwise he’d start trying to convince her that ants beat us to the moon. Danielson elaborated on this comment, implying it was something he’d brought up before. 

“I’m not trying to convince anybody that ants beat us to the moon, I’m saying it's a possibility that we haven’t looked into.”

For better or for worse, Brie decided it was best to move on from the topic, especially on World Environment Day. For whoever has Danielson for an interview anytime soon, be sure to ask him about the theory of ants beating us to the moon. Please. 

Danielson also recently revealed that he would be sad if he was not in another real fight before he dies. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly