EXCLUSIVE: Joe Hendry Calls Drew McIntyre A Leader & Credit To The Business

Joe Hendry has nothing but praise for Drew McIntyre

When WWE’s Drew McIntyre spoke to Cultaholic over the last week, the former world champion stated that he does in fact believe in Joe Hendry, offering him plenty of praise for his work in TNA and prior to that in other promotions. 

TNA star Joe Hendry was asked about what he felt towards McIntyre’s kind words in his own exclusive interview with Cultaholic, and he had nothing but the utmost praise for McIntyre. 

"It hasn't really sunk in yet, to be honest. Drew is just an absolute credit to our business. When I was fortunate enough to share locker rooms with him up and down the UK in ICW and WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, he was the leader, he lifted the shows. He was such a leader inside the ring and outside the ring. He's always been someone who has been kind to me, he's always been generous with advice... I couldn't be happier for what he's doing. He has just earned every ounce of success that he has. So for him to say that about me, it means an incredible amount. And in the same way that he's showing leadership in WWE, I wanted to step up and do what he's doing and I want to do it in TNA."

McIntyre responded to these words from Hendry on X, stating that he doesn’t believe himself to be a leader, but just someone who turns up and does the best job he can. 

“I appreciate the kind words but I’ve never called myself a locker-room leader. I’ve never felt the need to. I turn up. I do the best job I can. I offer advice to those who ask for it. And then there’s our Champion who can’t control 3 people in his own stable and the other guy who’s only ever took from our industry…”

Joe Hendry also revealed to us that he has written a song for The New Day. You can listen to the full interview on Cultaholic’s podcast feeds.

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