EXCLUSIVE: Joe Hendry Reveals He Has Written A Song For The New Day

Joe Hendry has a song for WWE's New Day

TNA Wrestling’s Joe Hendry has become a sensation in professional wrestling over the years thanks to his infectious songs which have taken aim at his opponents, playing the most rhythmic of mind games. When it comes to the future of Joe Hendry’s music, there is now a chance to see WWE wrestlers involved thanks to the new and budding relationship between WWE and TNA.

When speaking exclusively to Cultaholic, Hendry revealed that he has a song ready and waiting for The New Day, and wants to record it with Xavier Woods. 

"I've written the song... so as soon as he (Xavier Woods) tweeted that I get an idea and it just goes, all the best ideas are quick, you know in terms of like coming up with the main hook. So I have the hook, but I don't wanna step on any toes on what you can and can't say when it comes to copyright and things like that. So I've written a song that I think would be fun for us to record, and if WWE and TNA were both cool with it then I'd happily proceed with it. But I will defer to them on it, maybe I'll let them hear the song and we can go from there. I haven't recorded it yet, but I wrote it. I think it would be a lot of fun. I'm all for these crossovers between TNA and WWE, I think it's an amazing opportunity."

Recently, Drew McIntyre told Cultaholic that he believes in Joe Hendry. You can listen to the full Joe Hendry interview on Cultaholic’s podcast feed.

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