More Info On WWE/TNA Deal, Who WWE Wants To Appear In NXT

WWE wants several top TNA stars to appear in NXT

Jordynne Grace’s appearances in NXT sparked a lot of interest in the potential of a WWE/TNA working relationship, which looks to now be firmly on track to becoming stronger. Recent reports have indicated that the two companies are taking things slow, but the expectation is that there will be crossover between TNA and NXT in the coming months, notably at TNA shows such as Against All Odds and Slammiversary.

A recent report from Fightful Select has dove deeper into the relationship between WWE and TNA, explaining that WWE is no stranger in recent years to reaching out to TNA, previously trying to get both Mickie James and the IIconics in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble. When WWE initially reached out again, it was Scott D’Amore who accepted WWE’s proposal, though his exit from TNA had no impact on the plans for WWE to continue working with the company. 

When it comes to the potential crossover between the two promotions, many in WWE expressed interest in working on TNA, with one saying that it provided some good opportunities for fresh content, angles, and more. A higher up in NXT highlighted Steve Maclin as someone who would be a perfect crossover given his history in WWE’s developmental system, and there is “significant interest” in other TNA names such as Josh Alexander and Leon Slater to appear in NXT too.

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