Bryan Danielson Provides Update On Possible NJPW Run

Danielson has been vocal about wanting another NJPW run for some time

Bryan Danielson has once again talked about a potential NJPW return, with ‘The American Dragon’ being touted for a New Japan run for much of the past year.

Danielson has been vocal about his desire to return to NJPW - particularly a run in the G1 - and during an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, Danielson said the following about when he would be willing to return:

"I really do want to do New Japan, but I also kind of don't want to do it until fans can cheer," Danielson said. "From what I want out of wrestling, just doing it with the clapping, I'd still have fun. I'm one of the few people who enjoyed wrestling in the Performance Center with nobody, I enjoyed wrestling in the Thunder Dome - I tend to find myself enjoying wrestling in any atmosphere it is. From what I want in my experience in New Japan, I would want people to be able to cheer. Hopefully, nothing happens where things get set back again or anything like that, not just because of my pro wrestling, but because of worldwide health. I would really want to wait for that. Somebody brought up to me this idea of me, (Jon) Moxley, and two other people [wrestling in New Japan].”

Danielson last wrestled for NJPW in 2004.

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