Bryan Danielson Reveals Ricky Starks 'Carried' Him During Their AEW All Out Match

The American Dragon has credited Starks with carrying their All Out match.

Bryan Danielson has heaped praise on his All Out opponent, claiming that Ricky Starks helped 'carry' him through their pay-per-view bout. 

The American Dragon wrestled his first match since breaking his arm at Forbidden Door (on June 25) on last night's pay-per-view, defeating Starks in an intense and bloody Strap Match. 

Asked during the post-All Out media scrum about how he was able to return from his injury so quickly, Danielson said: 

"So one, I had an excellent opponent. I think every time people see Ricky Starks, every time Ricky Starks gets an opportunity, he knocks it out of the park. I will be the first one to say, and this is outside of our stories and what we do, he carried me through that match tonight. I'm good at certain things. I'm good at a decent amount of things, and I'm confident in saying that. I can fire up, I can do all these things, but he was the one who carried me through that match. So that's what I'm gonna say"

The 42-year-old added that his match with Starks employed a lot of 'smoke and mirrors', while noting that there was no trepidation about wrestling after undergoing surgery:

"There was a lot of smoke and mirrors tonight. And I was in no danger whatsoever, other than the regular danger that you can get in doing a hiptoss. But I didn't even throw a strike with my right arm and I don't think anybody noticed. There are all of these things that you can do to avoid — and especially where I'm at in the healing process.

"We talked to not just Dr. Sampson, who I love, and we went through every single thing in that with him — but we talked to the surgeon, who has no interest [in if I wrestle on this pay-per-view or not]. He's just giving us his recommendation. All of that was talked through with doctors, so I felt very comfortable doing it. The company felt very comfortable doing it, our doctors and outside doctors felt comfortable doing it. So yeah, here I am and I feel great"

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