Bryan Danielson Started To Love Wrestling Again During WWE's PC Shows

“It made me look at wrestling differently, it challenged me. It was a lot of fun.”

The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the professional wrestling industry, with empty arena shows becoming the norm for those who continued operations.

WWE moved all their tapings to the Performance Center at the start of the pandemic, and while the move was hated by many, it made Bryan Danielson fall in love with wrestling again, telling 6 ABC Philadelphia:

“So my contract with WWE was coming up. Brie and I thought when I signed that contract that after this, I'm going to be kind of done. I had told them before the pandemic started, I said, 'we've got a little over a year left on my contract, I'm kind of done being a full-time wrestler so let's use this next year and a half that we have for me and use it to build as many stars as possible.' What's the most effective way I can be of use?

“But then I started really, really loving wrestling during the pandemic again. Empty arena wrestling. For me it was such a unique challenge. Oh my gosh. When we were in the WWE Performance Center, there was no people, there was no extra audio, there was no crowd sweetening, there was nothing, and I loved it! Because it was such a unique challenge as far as like - whoa, what even is wrestling? How do you even present this? Some people just did their same old thing and that clearly doesn't work with no crowd. And so it made me look at wrestling differently, it challenged me. It was a lot of fun.”

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