Bryan Danielson Talks Down Doing The G1 Climax

Bryan Danielson doesn't think doing the G1 Climax is likely

Bryan Danielson competing in the G1 Climax is something fans have been clamouring to see for several years at this point. With Danielson’s reputation for being one of the best in the world, seeing him try out the NJPW style for the first time in 20 years would certainly feel like a special occasion. 

However, given that the G1 Climax has such an intense schedule, and when looking at the fact that if Danielson were to go far in the tournament, he’d need to wrestle more in one month than he has done in the entirety of 2023, it is seeming like more improbable for it to happen. Danielson himself has even talked down doing it on the Getting Over Podcast

"Sometimes I have delusions of doing the G1, but I think that's what they are, I think they're delusions. That's something that I've wanted to do forever and ever and ever and have never been able to do it. And so, this year would be the year to do it, except is it? Because by the time the next G1 rolls around, I'll be 43.

"I love doing this but it's not worth the expense of my health later on in life and I've already had enough injuries as it is. "I think now doing a G1 might be a little irresponsible of me in comparison to what my overall long-term goals are, which is being there for my kids and there for my family. I'm not even talking for the month that I'd be gone for the G1, I'm talking what that would do to my body. My body has been very forgiving of me and the things that I choose to do. I don't want to take advantage of it too much. It's been so good to me and I need to treat it kindly this last year." 

Danielson doing the G1 Climax may end up being one of those “what ifs” in professional wrestling. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly