Bryan Danielson: Why I Call Professional Wrestling 'Combat Theatre'

Danielson's got a unique definition

Bryan Danielson has revealed that he defines professional wrestling as 'combat theatre' because a person can interpret that definition in any way that they like.

Danielson understands that wrestling fans can sometimes struggle to explain what the likes of All Elite Wrestling and WWE actually is, with many struggling to find the right wording to describe professional wrestling as it is neither a legitimate sport or a completely scripted television show.

Danielson has come up with a unique way to categorise wrestling in 'combat theatre'.

Speaking with the Boston Globe, Danielson said: "I could define it with two words: ‘combat theatre'. You can take ‘combat theatre’ in any direction that you like — different people like different types of theatre, just the same way that people like different types of movies.

"I tend to take [the idea] more from a drama perspective, or a sports perspective — although like any theater performer, you have to be able to delve into aspects of comedy and other things."

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