Jim Ross Predicts Who Will Be AEW's Top Stars In Five Years Time

“The good news is we have several guys that can assume that leadership role.”

Jim Ross has seen it all in wrestling. He’s seen the rise of multiple main eventers right in front of his eyes, from Sting through Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin through John Cena, JR was there for it all.

And now good ol’ JR has given his two cents on who will lead AEW in five years time, saying on Grilling JR:

“Based on aptitude and not eliminating anybody from the process, I can see Adam Cole certainly being one of those guys. He’s a smart kid. He has a smart mind for the business. He’s young and healthy. MJF without a doubt. He’s got a terrific wrestling mind. He knows how to be annoying. He’s very easy to dislike, which is the greatest trait a wrestling villain can have. I have great confidence that he’s going to be a star for years to come, and a big one. 

“I like Adam Page. He’s in the main event at the next PPV. So he has another opportunity to take another step up and survey all the landscape. I think Jungle Boy Jack Perry is going to be one of our leaders and one of our stars with a long term future. Darby Allin is over, somehow, some way. He’s a strange enigma like Jeff Hardy was. I think Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, both those guys, have leadership written all over them. 

“The good news is we have several guys that can assume that role because of their aptitude for pro wrestling, and the fact they feel so much a part of building this brand from the foundation up.”


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