Bryan Danielson: WWE Overreacted When AEW Started

“WWE is still making a billion dollars, so they don’t need to hoard all these talents.”

2021 has seen several monumental shifts in the pro wrestling world, from WWE releasing hoards of talent, to the continued rise of AEW, and their signing of several huge former WWE names.

Bryan Danielson is one such name who made the switch from WWE to AEW this year, and having been on both sides of the fence can give his own thoughts on the state of pro wrestling in 2021, saying the following to TV Insider’s Scott Fishman:

"I don’t ever focus on if something didn’t happen that already happened, but I think this is a natural reaction to what has gone on,” started Danielson. “What we do know is people who were paid regular contracts will not have them anymore. For WWE, I think there was an overreaction when AEW started. Even when Ring of Honor got real hot with Cody and the Young Bucks. WWE felt they needed to sign up all the talent. They realised, ‘our business is fine.’ AEW is catching up. They’ve done incredible for a company that has been around for less than three years. WWE is still making a billion dollars, so they don’t need to hoard all these talents.”

As to the state of the independent scene, Danielson believes the indies can become bigger:

"The Young Bucks, I give a lot of credit to their YouTube show, which brought a lot of people to independent wrestling. There is the same chance again where independent wrestling can become bigger. If independent shows can draw bigger names and people, we just have a healthier industry. Although, the hard part is the lost guaranteed jobs. Corporate America baffles me oftentimes."

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