Buff Bagwell Explains Why He Was Arrested

Buff Bagwell on his recent arrest

Buff Bagwell has revealed why he was arrested in November 2023.

It emerged in recent days that Bagwell had been arrested and charged with speeding and driving under the influence of drugs, both of which are misdemeanours. Bagwell finds himself in the unusual situation that whenever he is arrested, his original offence from three years is listed on the Cobb County Sheriff's Office database. 

Bagwell later clarified that he was arrested for losing his temper and he provided further insight into his arrest on Busted Open Radio.

"I'm in the program of the DUI Cobb County Accountability Court. In previous times, before now, while in the program, they have very serious rules and a strenuous schedule. Earlier on, I had an argument with one of the counsellors. I ran over a curb at the local Texaco and had to be towed. I have a bad knee and had knee replacement surgery. I had an appointment a block away, we hurried not to be late, I asked the counsellor if I could give the guy with the better leg the keys to run down to the tow truck place. He said, 'No problem.' Long story short, it was a conversation, and I went to jail for arguing or disrupting the class," Bagwell began.

"A month later, I did paperwork on my flight, it was Atlanta to Des Moines, Des Moines to Dallas/San Antonio, San Antonio to Atlanta. There was a leg in between. On the paperwork on the DUI court program, there wasn't a place for the middle flight. They are very particular with the way you do things. They okay'd the travel. When I get home, they said, 'How did you get from Des Moines to San Antonio?' 'I flew.' 'Why didn't you list it?' 'There wasn't any room.' 'We need to know.' 'Okay, from now on, I'll let you guys know.' 24 hours in jail for not doing the right paperwork. I got jailed for both of those, and the same thing happened, they post your original arrest. Three-plus years ago, I was arrested for DUI and reckless driving. The only thing that is correct about 11/16 is that's the day I went to court and jail. My court date was 11/16 and I went to jail," he continued.

"They're not allowed to (post his arrest as a new arrest), the other attorneys I have to check on this, they came up empty, but this other guy I have is telling me it is defamation of character, which we all know that. Now, I'm researching it. I was arrested for disrupting the class on November 8."

Bagwell noted he has been sober for 15 months but is working on his temper. He has been receiving help with his sobriety from Diamond Dallas Page.

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